Frequently Asked Questions

How Valuable Is Your NEON?

Your NEON = your color fingerprint + your Internet usage. These two data sources combined are very valuable. The more questions you answer on the NEON color test, the more valuable your NEON becomes since there is more personality to your color fingerprint. And the more frequently you use the Internet with your NEON turned “on”, the more rewards you earn.

You can get started by logging in and taking the NEON color test. Then, as you travel the internet, NEON will calculate your NEON value and deposit credits into your Data Bank. You can quickly view your account value on your Dashboard or see full details in your Data Bank. NEON will notify you when you can cash-out your credits for money deposited into your account or to use as credits to shop online.

What does NEON mean when it says 'Like', 'Complimentary', 'Opposites', Not Just Friends but Everyone?

Currently your Internet search results are curated by things that are “like you” or “like” other things you have clicked on. The problem is, your brain has a complimentary and opposite side to the way you process information. That means the internet is a lot less “smart” than it could be about your personal wants and needs.
For example, what could a little more 'yellow' in your life do for you? Or, what if you could choose services that are exactly right for you and avoid unsatisfactory experiences?

NEON offers you the chance to understand things that are like, complimentary and opposite to your personality through color filtering. Simply look at the “The Colors” tab at the top of the homepage to understand what each color represents. You can also view your Dashboard to learn what your complimentary and opposite colors are.

Is my NEON color private?

Your NEON color is public so that others can understand you better and and share smarter internet content with you- but your identity is hidden safely behind your color, so it is still anonymous. But we know that some people may not want their color to be public. So NEON does offer the option to make your color public or private.

Can I pick my own color?

Yes, you can pick your own color. But your NEON will be less accurate and potentially less valuable then when your color is determined by your testing.

Is there a NEON Mobile?

Neon Mobile is coming soon with some exciting features, like Search, Social, Review and Mapping. There will be a Check-in feature that will allow you to mark where you are with your NEON fingerprint. And NEON color Moodjis will be available to stamp color vibes on things you like. Cool!

How secure is my NEON account?

NEON is committed to ensuring that your personal data stays safe. Only you have control over when to sell your data for rewards and when not to. It’s that simple. And, using the blockchain, we can keep you safely anonymous but with all your data history transparent, so you are safe, secure and still profitable.

Any questions or concerns you don't see addressed here?

Please contact us at Contact@TheNeonID.com and we'll get back to you right away.