It's time for
a new Internet.

NEON is the Internet 3.0.

A new Internet. The next Internet. The Internet in Technicolor.

Internet 3.0 is defined as a decentralized Internet. A human-centric web with multiple profit centers sharing value across an open network. It is a new Internet that is democratized, transparent, where Users own their data. A futuristic step-up from what we have accomplished online so far.

It is NEON's mission to jumpstart Internet 3.0, democratizing data revenue by storing our online persona behind our secure Color ID so that Users own a data storage locker that is anonymous, private and profitable.

It is NEON's mission that we better understand our incredible human nuance through the NEON color system and to profit from that valuable individuality. To help us better understand the human behind the computer screen. To help us connect in a brand new, 'human vibe', kind of way.

It is NEON's mission to help us understand that our similarities and differences are all important and worth something. Not just things that are 'like' us but also celebrating things that are 'complimentary' to and 'opposite' of ourselves.

And it is NEON's mission to make blockchain easy for any person to earn their data profits. Yes, even the non-techy people. Fast and easy, just like controlling your own bank account or debit card.

It is NEON's mission to fight for your online human rights.

It is NEON's mission to create a win-win ecosystem for the future of the web.

Finally, the way the Internet should be. We hope you like it.